1. Understand customer pain, marry it with the art of the possible, and then place a series of small bets.

All great ventures start with understanding customer pain. No one knew they wanted a DVR, a microwave oven, or a minivan.

What they could tell you was their pain: they weren’t getting home in time to watch their favorite show; they didn’t have time to cook a healthy meal; and they were having to cart an ever-increasing number of kids, dogs, and sporting equipment to myriad places.

Take that customer pain and marry it with the art of the possible. Ask yourself, what are the current trends and technology you can employ to solve that customer pain? Remember Uber does not exist if we don’t have mobile phones, GPS, and real-time payments.

The challenge many large companies have is that they don’t stay current on the art of the possible, so they have a hard time coming up with disruptive solutions to customer pain.

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