Pi of Life : 10 Commandments for Living Online. For Starters, Respect the Offline Life

[About the Author: Kailas Shastry,  has been in the media & communications field for 8 years and is also a freelance photographer. Most recently he was Executive Editor at a consumer technology portal.]

A lot has been written on the dos and donts of social media. What if we took at look at our online lives vs the more real one, through the lenses of the Ten Commandments? Here’s something that is two millennia old and contextualized for today’s online world.

[you might want to read the original if you are not familiar with it]

At the end of this piece, there’s a link to a funny, but very real look at how  we do everything online. Even when we do it offline – sorry – in the real world, we take pictures and share in real time, check-in, tweet, look for Likes, and all of that. Do check the comic stip out at the end of Ten Commandments for Living Online.

  • I am the Internet but not thy only Life

  • Thou shalt have many other tasks. Like walking your dog. If there is no dog, walk thyself.

  • Thou shalt not login to email or social networking or press F5 in vain.

  • Thou shalt remember the 75p inland letter and 15p postcard day. And also knocking on your neighbor’s door instead of phoning them

  • Thou shalt honour talking to thy father and thy mother and others who art not connected.

  • Thou shalt not kill (character assassination or online mud slinging)

  • Thou shalt not commit adultery on your or others’ wall posts (do it via messenger apps, delete history)

  • Thou shalt not steal others’ quotes, photos, pick up lines, memes and articles (if you are sharing this, use one of the social buttons or give us a linkback. please?)

  • Thou shalt not bear false witness i.e fake identity implicitly or explicitly.

  • Thou shalt not covet thy friend’s status update, photo, photo of spouse, number of friends, frequency of posts and Likes.

And here’s the comic strip we were talking about – funny as it may be, you cannot help but wonder if you are guilty of some of these actions too. There’s also a philosophy in there – that sharing a moment should not come at the cost of living the moment. Well,  take a look at this cartoon by Pablo Stanley.

Pablo Stanley Dinner Out

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