Indians Downloaded 10 millions apps in 7 Days [Appnomy]

As per a recent report by Flurry, 1 billion apps were downloaded globally between Dec 25 – Dec 31, 2011 and Indians downloaded 10 million apps in 7 days.Flurry_HolidayWeek_Xmas-NewYears_AppDownloads_Top20Countries-resized-600

Over the holiday “power week,” Flurry estimates that over 20 million iOS and Android devices were activated, and 1.2 billion applications were downloaded.  Compared to the worldwide total active installed base of 246 million, this was 41%.  China, the world’s second largest app market, which has roughly one-third of the U.S. installed base saw only one-fifth of the relative downloads.  It’s important to note that the celebration of Christmas as a holiday impacted download performance.  While the United States widely celebrates Christmas,  China is largely non-religious, with over 60% of the population considering themselves agnostic or atheist.  [Flurry/Via]

Western countries (US accounted for 42% share) dominated the list (but obvious), but China being #2 comes as a huge surprise.

What’s your take on the report (our first impression: extrapolated)? Convinced about the 10 million download numbers?

Aside, it’s important to note that 26% Downloaded Apps Are Used Only Once, that is – you still need to find a mojo for your app.]

* We have asked Flurry for more insights on India data and will update the post once we hear from them.

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