10 Negotiation frameworks that will help you scale at work and life

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Most people suck at Negotiation

But if you follow these 10 frameworks, I guarantee you won’t:

1. Anchoring

You want a more vacation days from your job?

Ask for a $50k salary increase.

Your manager will likely say no.

Now a request for more vacation days instead seems much more reasonable.

Watch this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KIJdtA0BnA

2. Ask for advice

In one recent study, participants rated partners who asked them for advice to be more likable than partners who didn’t ask for advice.

When we ask for advice, we flatter the adviser and boost her self-confidence.

Not only are you likely to benefit from the advice, but you may strengthen the relationship.
3. Reciprocity

We are wired to pay back what we received from others.

People HATE to be in debt.

Smart negotiators create feelings of indebtedness with small gifts/favors.

It will be much easier to negotiate if you do this.

4. Focus on interests

A homeowner might say – “I won’t allow you to develop this property.”

In our goal of getting to yes, we need to know their interest.

Ask – “Why is this property important to you?”

Focus on resolving their interest & increase your odds of getting yes.

5. Forced Empathy

Use questions that force the other side to understand your position.

Start a sentence with “What” or “How,” causing the other person to look at the situation through your eyes.

How am I supposed to do that?

6. Meeting Location

Research shows that when you choose your place for negotiation, you are more likely to win or get yes from counterpart.

At your place, you can fill it with awards and newspaper clippings and anything else that portrays you in the light you want to convey.

7. Make it a Win Win

In every situation, you must let the other person also benefit from the that situation.

How to negotiate a win-win:
Attack the Issue, Not Each Other.
Remember their goals
Be respectful

8. Mirroring

It’s a technique where a you copy the body language or attitude of another person.

That’s the reason most waiters repeats back the order you just told them.

Research shows, they are more likely to get tips after doing so.

Watch here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxgKNXe0lNM

9. Loss Aversion

Humans place more emphasis on a loss than an equal gain.

In Human psychology – Loss > Win

Example :
” In future, the cost will go up 3x higher if you miss the one chance today. ”

You are more likely to get yes or okay then before.

10. Be Willing to Walk Away

When negotiating, never be married to an outcome.

Set terms you are willing to accept before entering the negotiations.

If you are willing to do a deal at any cost, the other party will sniff that out.

And you will lose.

That’s a wrap!

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