10 ways to reduce distractions and increase your focus

We are habituated to interruption-based living. So it is quite normal for us to get distracted easily, even by one notification. And it has brought us to the edge where we intentionally look for distractions. 

The religious act of getting distracted and multitasking can be damaging, especially for small business owners.

If you’re struggling with the situation, here are ten tips to reduce distractions and increase your focus.

Plan For The Next Morning

List two tasks that need to be completed to make it a productive day. There are two tasks because one task might take a shorter time or need a prerequisite to be completed. The other task acts as a backup. 

You must wind up these tasks before checking your phone, email, or social media, as they mostly hijack your time.

Turn Off The Distractions

Technology can ruin your focus and make you extremely unproductive. It’s common to have the urge to check your mobile and desktop notifications frequently. A great way to tackle this is to turn off notifications during your work hours and only check emails four times a day. You should not let technology control you.

Find Your Comfort Zone

Comfort is extremely subjective and could mean different things to everybody. It could be good music, clothes, the environment and more. Find what makes you comfortable yet focused.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is a great way to cleanse your mind. Mindfulness will help you achieve your goals. Begin with sitting in a quiet place, closing your eyes, and counting till 38. It might seem troublesome at first because your mind keeps wandering, and it is easy to get distracted. If so, then start afresh without any sense of self-judgment. Take it slow, and you’ll learn the way to calmness.

Break Down Your Goals

Big goals might seem interesting at first, but eventually, your mind will find ways to escape them. So try breaking your goals. Small goals are easy to focus on, thus easy to achieve.


Healthy adults need 9 hours of sleep. However, it is a common practice among small business owners to cheat on their sleep cycle. This might give an illusion of completing more tasks, but the sleep debt is counterproductive. Without proper sleep, you will lack the focus to do highly skilled tasks and degrade your overall health.

Remind Yourself, Visually

Visuals are eye-catching and make a better impact. So make sticky notes and paste them into your workspace. So you will lay your eyes on it the next time you intend to kill time by aimlessly using social media.

Reward Yourself

Who doesn’t love rewards? And you deserve rewards when you achieve something. Rewarding yourself can help you be more focused. Select a task and customize the reward for it accordingly.

Take A Walk

Sometimes work can be monotonous. An easy way to deal with it is to mobilize your body. Take a short walk. It’s even better if you can step out of your office and take a break. This will not only refresh you but also make you focused.

Focus On Your Health

There are things beyond work that shape the way you work. Take out some time for activities like working out, playing puzzles, going for a run or bike ride. Taking care of your body results in a healthy mind.


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