Got 100 subscribers? Now you can Live Stream on YouTube

YoutubeAll channels in “good standing” with at least 100 subscribers will be able to live stream within the next few weeks, according to the official YouTube partners blog.

To enable the feature, you need to get to “Account Features” and look for “Enable” button.

Until now, you needed 1,000 subscribers to be able to live stream. For small broadcasters on YouTube, the feature comes as a boon.

In May, YouTube had also launched paid channels, a feature through which popular channels can introduce paid subscriptions for their content. The feature, aimed at tapping users that currently flock to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, wasn’t available in India at the time of launch.

In April,Google introduced YouTube Rentals in India, which allowed users to rent or buy movies, as an extension of its  Play Movies services for Android devices.

Live streaming still requires fairly expensive hardware and that you are in good standing with Google. According to Google, for your channel to be in good standing, a user must not have any community guidelines strikes, copyright strikes and videos that have been blocked worldwide. Users in good standing get access to features such as hangouts on air, uploading videos as unlisted, uploading videos that are more than 15 minutes, under creative commons, inVideo programming, custom thumbnails.

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