100nests – Know the value of your Property/Home

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100nests – Know the value of your Property/Home

100nests is a real estate portal launched by Suksh Tech (which has raised $1.5mn seed fund and also operates real estate marketpace 100floors).

100nests is primarily based on user generated content – you add your home (on Google map), and 100nests will provide you information regarding hyper-local services, information, knowledge and neighbors etc.

Once you sign-in (feedback to the team – please integrate the 100floors/100nests signin right away, before you launch 10 more products and then hire an external company to build SSO solution) and add your home details, 100nests will throw statistical data, i.e. valuations, pricing, lifestyle indexes etc. for you to evaluate your home pricing.

The locality nearby data is provided by asklaila and 100nests’ core business model is built around building locality database/property profile which can be monetized via brand advertisers.

The product is nicely done and has seeded content that will interest the first-time visitors – for e.g. Big B’s house details, SRK’s house etc.

Do give 100nests a spin and share your comments (most of the searches I tried showed higher rates).

Future plans include launching offline leaflets.

Interestingly, Delhi based startup, Zamanzar too has launched a similar offering.

Also look at: Areapal (Neighborhood Networking Site)

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