An Extra ‘9’ to your Mobile Number from January 2010? [11 Digit Mobile Number]

DoT, after exhausting numbers starting with ‘9’ launched the ‘8’ series (earlier story: Indian Mobile Growth Story – ‘9? Exhausted, New Numbers to Begin with 8) and is now planning to move from 10 digit to 11 digit by prefixing the numbers with ‘9’ (as per ToI).

As per the report, the extra ‘9’ can be added as early as January 2010, though that doesn’t seem feasible since that would involve consultation with industry players/operators.

11 digit mobile number
11 digit mobile number

Given India’s telecom growth (Telecom Subscription in India has crossed 500 million mark), it’s expected that the country will reach 1 billion subscribers by 2014 and the move to add an extra digit will help in increasing the numbering capacity.

The repercussion to this change will be huge – right from updating one’s contact book to filling up forms (banks/any form which has mobile number) and whole lot of infrastructure will need to be revisited. We hope that the discussion is still in premature stage, so that other stakeholders can raise their concern/plan accordingly.

What’s your take?

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