12 “must use” no-code tools

I’ve done over $1M in income in 2 years as an entrepreneur. And I didn’t write a single line of code. My 12 “must use” no-code tools: Justin Welsh

I’ve done over $1M in income in 2 years as an entrepreneur. And I didn’t write a single line of code. My 12 “must use” no-code tools: [🧵 thread}
1/ Carrd @carrd is the fastest and easiest way to build websites. It’s great for personal sites or standing up landing pages quickly. I use it for nearly everything I do because it makes getting started extremely simple.
2/ Gumroad For digital products, nothing is easier and faster than @gumroad I can think of a product/service and have it fully embedded on my Carrd landing page in less than 10 minutes. This lets me start pre-selling fast to get the validation I need to continue.
3/ Canva @canva has made me into my own personal graphic designer. Whether it’s Twitter banners, icons, logos, landing page graphics, Instagram posts, you name it… Canva makes it as easy as drag-and-drop to start designing.
4/ Outseta Thinking about launching a community or SaaS product? @outseta is your tool. A CRM, payments, subscriptions, email automation, gated content, segmentation, etc… Outseta is loaded with great features and functionality at an extremely fair price.
5/ AirTable @airtable keeps my entire advising business thriving and organized. Collecting information through forms, automating email triggers, building Kanban charts, and collaborating with my wife are just some of the things I love doing to manage my business.
6/ Calendly @Calendly means I don’t need a VA for scheduling, nor do I need any time-consuming back and forth. Anything that requires scheduling a meeting, a simple Calendly embed works wonders. I also drop it on my website for paid coaching calls.
7/ Fathom Analytics Looking at Google Analytics can be confusing for some folks. @usefathom is simple, privacy-first, cookie-free, and GDPR compliant. Plus, with just a glance, I know exactly what is impacting my website traffic. Great service.
8/ Loom @loom is my favorite tool for: – Building video process docs – Building out my online courses – Doing video walkthroughs for my community – Teaching someone how a piece of software works Simple, easy to install, and tracks visitor/watcher analytics.
10/ HypeFury @Yannick_Veys added new features that have recently turned it from good to “I can’t live without this”. Scheduling Tweets, crafting threads, being inspired, sending to other social media, running sales… It does everything for the content writer. A must-buy.
11/ Notion @NotionHQ is basically the master hub for my whole life. In Notion I: – Host my roadmap – Manage my to-do list – Write all of my content – Store my process docs – And much more… And I’m still learning how to use it most effectively.
12/ Zapier No list would be complete without @zapier Never has one tool made me feel like the whole world of technology is at my fingertips. From building simple pass-through Zaps, to complex, multi-step Zaps, Zapier makes anything possible by combining technologies.
Well, that’s all for today. If this was helpful, feel free to RT or give me a follow. I’m currently building 4, one-person businesses to over $5M in revenue. Have any questions? Ask away. Happy to give out as many helpful tips as I can muster today. Thanks for reading.

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