Increasing mobile users and a large youth population is seen as the reason behind Facebook’s rapid expansion in the country. The company announced on Wednesday that its user base in India has now touched 142 million, making it the largest outside of the US.

More than 133 million users are using the platform through their mobile phones. About 69 million users in India connect with their friends on Facebook everyday. 64 million access the platform through their mobile devices.

The social network has also reached another milestone at a global level. Facebook Lite, an Android-only app designed to minimise data expenditure, now has 100 million users worldwide, the company said. Available in 150 countries, the app is most popular in India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Philippines.

Launched in June 2015 to make it easier for people in developing countries to access the network, Facebook Lite is the fastest-growing version of Facebook to hit that mark in under nine months.

True to its name, Lite is only 1MB, compared to the full version app’s 42MB. The app supports 56 languages.


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  • I think in next 2-3 years the number will increase from 142 millions to 200 millions easily as the number of Facebook users are increasing by leaps and bounds.


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