OnePlus 2 Is Now Available ‘Invite-Free’ Forever On Amazon India

The OnePlus 2 will be available for sale on Amazon India without their traditional invite format, ‘forever’. The invite-free model for OnePlus 2 is one of the few strategies that the company has introduced in order to boost their brand image.

No of OnePlus 2 devices requested in just 3 days

Last week, the company announced the availability of signature sandstone cases for iPhone 6 and 6s users. The handset maker said that the sandstone-build is something that “people have come to equate with OnePlus”.

Over a million people requested an invite to lay their hands on OnePlus 2, after its launch worldwide. The company put a small batch of 30,000 units up for sale online in China, without an invite system—they sold out all the 30k devices in just 64 seconds.

The new move might boost the sales of the OnePlus 2 just before the ending of this fiscal year; the company reportedly posted a $300 million revenue in 2014. Both OnePlus One and 2 is expected to receive Android M updates via Cyanogen OS in the first quarter of 2016.