Facebook Turns EVIL; Do NOT Sign The ‘Save Free Basics’ Campaign

Facebook is going all-in to kill your Internet freedom. Facebook has launched a ‘Save Free Basics’ campaign which entices the users to support the campaign and agree to a pre-written message and send it to TRAI, the regulatory authority. The notification shows which friends of yours have agreed to it and then ask ‘you too’, to agree.

Facebook's 'Save Free Basics' campaign is MISLEADING
Facebook’s ‘Save Free Basics’ campaign is MISLEADING



The message goes as such:

“To the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, I support digital equality for India. Free Basics provides free access to essential internet services like communication, education, healthcare, employment, farming and more. It helps those who can’t afford to pay for data, or who need a little help getting started online. And it’s open to all people, developers and mobile operators. With 1 billion Indian people not yet connected, shutting down Free Basics would hurt our country’s most vulnerable people. I support Free Basics – and digital equality for India. Thank you.”


NOTE that Free Basics is against the principles of Net Neutrality and Facebook has been trying several unethical means to garner support for this in various ways.

For the sake of a better and open future for all, please do NOT sign for ‘Save Free Basics’ campaign.