2 Updates : Fortnightly Themes and Remainder News

Quick update from PluGGd.in team.

Fortnightly Themes – We used to cover interesting topics as part of our fortnightly themes [right from free software to rural India etc]

Now we are restarting the fortnightly theme and the topic for this fortnight is Education Industry in India.

If you have insight/opinion to share, please do so [email: ashish at NextBigWhat.com].

2nd Update: Remainder News

If you notice, we have stopped covering a whole lot of news on the site. Some of these are too insignificant (Mr X leaving/ joining Company D), some are already reported by Media [like Airtel/Zain deal] and some do not fall under PluGGd.in’s core area [like a funny Bollywood clip].

While we do not see much value covering such news, its important that readers aren’t deprived of these news/interesting stuff.

These ‘Remainder’ news will be covered on our Facebook page, http://facebook.com/pluggdin and will be automatically pushed to Twitter as well [http://twitter.com/pluggdin].

So you can follow one of those channels [i.e fan us or folllow us] to have a wholesome experience.

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