20 Tips I wish I Could Give To My 20 Year Old Self!

Startups taught me more about life and business than I ever could imagine Thread: 20 tips I wish I could give to my 20 year old self
Startups are simple: There are good times and bad times Good times: enjoy the ride Bad times: enjoy the ride
Beware of pessimistic people Pessimism is the worst disease
Professional lies we tell ourselves: 1. Your email inbox is getting stuff done 2. A full calendar is positive 3. Big meetings are the answer You know better
FAANG give you credentials Startups give you education
Bob Dylan on the common sense behind criticism “Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.” There is nothing easier than being a critic A tremendous waste of energy and bad vibe
On the life at a startup: I’ve never met a startup that has gone according to plan Buckle up
Emotional decisions kill startups, careers and your day How to avoid making emotional decisions: 1. Wait Point: If you can wait, wait
Be kind to yourself A recipe for failure: 1) Being compulsively critical 2) Being massively unforgiving Being too hard on yourself is a hindrance to growth Reminder: you are enough
The greatest productivity trick: Listening to people you respect You won’t be able to get them out of your head They will make you better Tip: the internet makes it easy to find and listen to these people
Elon Musk on what it takes to change the world “I could either watch it happen, or be part of it.” Say less, Elon
Good habits are life’s magic pill
Reading fast: defeats the point of reading Read slow to really learn
A sweet illusion: You are in control
A true sign of success: Someone who doesn’t keep track of failures
Unlearn: filling your life with possessions Learn: filling your mind with mastery Everyone could become a master Literally, everyone
Free: – Exercise – Go for a walk – Being in nature – Sharing knowledge – Learning from others – Listening to others – Asking for help – Being kind – Positive attitude – Twitter The amount of growth you can experience for free is massive
Expensive: – Spending time with the wrong people – Populating feeds with toxic content – Spending too long at a job – Spending not enough time at a job – Chasing startups for the money
Product/market fit happens when you least expect it
Realization: People don’t support your company’s vision. They support their own vision of the world
#1 behavior of successful people: Thinking clearly
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