Live coverage of presentation – “New Frontiers” segment

Companies that participated in “New Frontiers” segment

ThinxWorks: Amazing concept and amazing videos – Thinxworx is into clay movie production and showcased their offerings with very interesting videos.

Thinxworks is planning full length series in the near future. The revenue will come from TV licensing, partnership (with studios like Disney etc).

@ Proto: Looking for funding

Lucid Software
Lucid is the leading provider of software services and solutions to the global Non Destructive Testing (NDT) industry.

@ Proto: Looking for funding, support

Hyper Analytix
Hyper Analytix is developing a next-generation solution that will enable an order of 10X improvement in verification quality and productivity in IC design.

@ Proto: Looking for Series A funding.

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Live coverage of presentation – Internet Products

Companies that participated in Internet segment:

Product: Inasra – a hotel booking service, Inasra goes a level deep and covers more than the hotels. Their coverage includes (apart from the regular hotels) service apartments, cheap hotels – right from price range of 300 – 45K!
Read our review here

Looking for funding (VC who can mentor them as well) and partnerships.

Pennywise Solutions
Product: tolmolbol, a local search service present across 100 Indian cities.
The presentation was well scripted and tolmolbol guys did a good job of showcasing their features (business search, SMS contact details, reviews/social network, events, classifieds, QnA)
Read our coverage with Anand, CEO (interview, podcast) and analysis of local search space.

@ Proto: tolmolbol is looking for product feedback, and also used the platform to increase awareness of the product.

Product: Tyroo
A self-served ad network, Tyroo is a contextual advertising network.
Very interesting presentation – rich visuals, Tyroo did “advertise” itself well.

Looking for product feedbacks/users/market expansion and recruitment as well.

Skillworth Technologies:
Product: Cricko, CricTV,
Aiming to tap the cricket frenzy, Cricko is an interactive media cricket network that allows one to play games and earn points (which can be redeemed).
Looking for VC funding and partners.

Well, they are solving a big pain (read the product review here) – enables one to look for driving direction using landmarks.
They showcased couple of new features in Proto: RouteMap / Widgets and RouteHints

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Looking for funding and partnerships.

MineKey is a web2.0 startup in contextual content recommendation space. They have already received round A funding.

At proto: to showcase their product.

Genie Interactive
Voiee is a simple voicemail and voice messaging systems.
Deepak did a good “live” demo (was way too scared of Murphy’s law! – BTW his login failed the first time!!) and shared few of the features that Voiee is working on.

Looking for strategic partnerships, and investors.

Read the Voiee review

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Live coverage of presentation – Development Platform

Companies that participated in Development Platform

Britesoft Solutions (M) Sdn. Bhd
Product: Briteworks: a framework that enables users to create enterprise applications (design/develop/test) in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional development methods.
Looking for partners which can help them scale in US/Europe and other regions.

Pramati Technologies
Dekoh is a free software platform that bridges the gap between desktop and web, allows you to organize all of your media in one place, on your desktop—and share it with people you choose. Brings all web2.0 app/feature into the desktop (integrates with Google calendar, Flickr, Amazon etc). The products are monetized thru’ Dekoh network, SaaS apps and branded services of online apps (like recommendor service of Amazon).

Looking for product feedbacks, and looking for investment (have plans to fork Dekoh as a separate company)

Tekriti Software Private Limited
TekMedia is a set of reusable technology components that can be used to add rich media functionality to existing or new websites. One can embed video functionality in your
Smartly used the proto site skin and demoed the product capability.

An obvious qn: How is it diff. from YouTube?
Manish Dhingra: TechMedia is widget based tool from which you can upload the videos, unlike YouTube where one has to go to the site and then upload the videos. And TechMedia can be easily embedded/integrated with one’s social nets. As Manish says, you can create your own YouTube! Serves videos from Amazon’s S3 services,
The monetization will be done via subscription based model, SaaS services,

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Live coverage of presentation – Enterprise and Mobile segment

Here is the live coverage of the companies that are presenting @ Proto. This is the first installment (Enterprise and Mobile segment)

Enterprise Segment

T3 International Distributors
Works on PC Security (detail here)
Looking for Business Partners.

Started with creating FUD about sharing security keys/passwords on sites, is focusing on secured online transactions.

Looking for seed fund.

Multimedia Display Technologies Sdn. Bhd
Their RFID Reader is the smallest ever, costs 1/10th of it’s nearest competitior from China, can be plugged into a mobile phone, embedded in a PDA (more here)..
Interesting presentation – used a combination of ppt as well as videos.

Looking for collaborators, partners and finding.

Sexed up start!! ‘we all need to perform, be it in the bed or job, and have 6 minutes for the orgasm”
Altrion is into BPM (Business process Management), which basically aligns with several management models (Balanced scorecard, TPM, six-sigma etc). Interesting demo – used couple of use cases to showcase their product.

Mobile Segment:

Rarefind Engineering Innovations Pvt. Ltd:
: Mocodile, a mobile content exchange service. You can send any sort of doc to anybody’s phone, irrespective of what model/brand you have.
Great start – Did a nice skit: Dr. Ajay urgently looking for patient’s medical report, can’t find anywhere. And Ganesh sends out the same via secured link (delivered as thumbnail) to doc’s mobile.
The skit was wonderfully planned and they answered all the relevant questions one could have on the product usage.
Good storytellers, these guys are.

Looking for early stage investors.

Wifin Technologies
Product: mobistream
Provides Live Streaming of financial market information and news on mobile devices and PDA.

Looking for $2 mn funding.

Ziva software
Started with qns that are relevant to mobile search; what, where, when, who? And they are all about a thing or attributes.
Positions Zook as a mobile social answering engine (community based), rather than a pure search engine and the best answer can potentially come from your community.

Related: Interview and Podcast with Ajay Sethi, founder of Ziva (which powers JustDial’s search)

Hit by Murphy’s law (hardware crashed before the demo), the team presented the product idea with a set of use cases.
Buzzworks is mobile (voice based) P2P local classifieds system, uses speech recognition engine in the backend.

Aumega Networks:
Product: Lukup (in pre beta state).
Lukup is a mobile search application that indexes very frequently updated data and provides the latest information to mobile users. Works in GPRS as well as SMS mode.

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Proto – The chosen ones

Out of 100+ companies that were nominated, here is the final list of 25 companies presenting at Proto:

Enterprise Segment

  • AuthMe
  • Multimedia Display Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
  • Altrion Technologies Private Limited

Development Platform

  • Pramati Technologies
  • Britesoft Solutions (M) Sdn. Bhd
  • Tekriti Software Private Limited


  • Rarefind Engineering Innovations Pvt. Ltd
  • Wifin Technologies
  • Aumega Networks
  • Ziva Software
  • BuzzWorks

Internet/Web 2.0

  • Inasra Technologies
  • tolmolbol (Pennywise Solutions Private Limited)
  • Tyroo Media Pvt. Ltd
  • Skilworth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • RouteGuru
  • Minekey
  • Voieee (Genie Interactive Pvt. Ltd)

New Frontier

  • Thinxworks
  • Lucid Software
  • Hyperanalytix

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