2009 Predictions and a look at our 2008 Crystal Ball Gazing


2009 Predictions and a look at our 2008 Crystal Ball Gazing

It’s that time of the year when we do some crystal ball gazing – but before that, lets see how much of 2008 predictions came true.

This is what we predicted:

Death of SocioNets

Do I have to say the words? Except Orkut and Facebook, most of the socionets are dead and the ones who have survived are taking a different path

Rise of Mobile Communities/SMS Service

What did we say: “If 2007 sowed the seeds for social networking sites (probably too many seeds in a barren garden?), 2008 will witness the death of many such sites and will instead witness the rise of mobile communities.
And 2008 will witness more of such mobile communities, where people would just want to get the latest news/updates on topics of their choice on the ubiquitous device.”

What Happened: Startups like MyToday, SMSGupshup (raised $11mn funding)and Mobme are doing well and big brother, Google too launched sms channel service

Crystal Ball Gazing

SaaS will see an uptake

This is evident from the sudden increase in number of SaaS startups in India, as well as funding in these markets. Moreover, Airtel’s decision to get into the SaaS market is a big boost to SaaS providers.

Indian Small Businesses will be “Googled

Google did the ‘We are famous. Find us on Google Maps’ campaign across few Indian cities. Unfortunately, it bombed.

Travel Industry

What did we say: Consolidation is the name of OTA game and while OTAs expand into other areas related to travel (like bus booking etc), M&As will drive the growth of this industry.

What Happened: Most of the OTAs have ventured into bus booking. Few travel agents have either shutdown or talking of consolidation.

Links to our earlier predictions:

Essentially, most of our prediction have come true (not blowing the trumpet); and now, we are inviting you to share your 2008 story – especially on milestone events (tech/startups/business etc)

Also, we will share our predictions (crystal ball gazing) for 2009 – expect some harsh/candid stuff there.

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