2008 Predictions : Indian Small Businesses will be “Googled”

Will you be surprised to see your local coffee shop holding a “We are famous. Find us on Google Maps” hoarding?small businesses being googled

Well, be prepared to see Indian small businesses getting Googled in 2008.

And how will Google get across all these long tail of businesses? In my opinion (and given Google’s intelligence), they will not go the usual route of buying data from companies like InfoMedia.

After all, everybody else is doing it. So, what’s the other option?

Guess who else has the updated address and contact numbers of small businesses? (pay attention to the word “updated” – because many a times, the local info DB doesn’t have the updated data).

As fas as I know, most of the smallbusinesses in India have CDMA phone connections (Reliance and Tata Indicom) and these guys have the most comprehensive listings of small businesses.

Will Google partner with any of these operators and hit the long tail?

In all probability, YES!

A sure shot prediction for 2008 will be stiff competition to local search players from the big giant. What do you think?

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