Weekly Recap – 2009 in Focus, Google Ban, Uninor Launch, Domain names in Hindi..and more

This week, 20+ million phones were crucified in the name of security (IMEI) and the biggest news for the week was Uninor’s launch in India (Uninor in India – Seven Circles, 29 Paisa a Minute [Predatory Pricing?]). Few telcos have started opposing the pricing war and are even calling it predatory pricing – either they aren’t equipped to fight the new competition (optimized cost) or they are worried about sucking less blood out of subscribers. And while we debate this, there are chances that your mobile might get an extra ‘9’ in 2010 (so expect more wrong numbers/confusing times ahead).

Surprise news of the week comes from Brinda Karat, who wants to ban Google in India for showing prenatal sex determination ads [whoa!]

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