2011’s Most Promising Technology Startups from India [The List]

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2011’s Most Promising Technology Startups from India [The List]

The Pluggd.in team is glad to announce its list of most promising startups of 2011 that have the potential to make it very big in the coming days. Several parameters have gone into making this list – right from companies’ performance in the year 2011 to reaching certain milestones and importantly, having a clear focus on the business/target segment (finding the product/market fit).

In no particular order, here is the list compiled by Pluggd.in team.


URL: http://www.recruiterbox.com

Product Description

Hiring isn’t easy. You advertise a new job opening and soon enough you have resumes coming to your inbox, interspersed with all your usual email. It is tedious to download, open and screen each candidate’s resume, not to mention tracking interviews and the review process. Recruiterbox helps you to organize all hiring related information in one centralized online location.

Funding: Self-funded.


URL: http://www.freshdesk.com

Product Description

Freshdesk allows you to support customers through email, phone, your website and even social networks like Twitter & Facebook!

Their recent claim to fame was the effectiveness with which they took on Zendesk and well, in a way created a global noise 🙂


URL: http://www.mobstac.com

Product Description

MobStac’s mission is to make it possible for people to consume the Internet on any mobile device on the planet by accelerating the availability of mobile Internet content and delivering it to the widest possible audience.


URL: http://www.freecharge.in

Product Description

Freecharge’s claim to fame isn’t the fact that they are a rage among college students, but their real claim to fame is their focus on ‘what business are you in’. And mind you, they aren’t in recharge business – the vision is much bigger and they want to dominate the coupon business, which is still a virgin territory in India.


URL: http://www.amagi.com

Product Description

Amagi mixes media & technology beautifully and the end result is a great technology that delivers localized advertising in a very targeted fashion.


URL: http://www.webengage.com

Product Description

Webengage is a neatly done feedback/survey tool that goes beyond plain vanilla name-email-message fields and offers features like geographical targeting etc.


URL: http://www.orangescape.com

Product Description

OrangeScape provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) to build domain rich solutions. OrangeScape uses a modeling driven visual development environment for creating business applications and can be deployed as SaaS or on-premise applications. The application deployed as SaaS runs on OrangeScape Cloud. OrangeScape Cloud, leverages the cloud infrastructure of Google App Engine or Microsoft Azure (planned release) to provide massive scalability and storage capacity.


URL: http://www.zipdial.com

Product Description

ZipDial is a Transactional (Request-Response) toll-free mobile platform. Zipdial’s claim to fame is their focus on building a business around a niche which was mostly not even considered a big market.


URL: http://www.gharpay.in

Product Description

Gharpay can potentially disrupt the payment collection system in India and so far, the team has done a great job of execution (has a network of 860 pincodes across 9 cities).


URL: http://www.capillary.co.in

Product Description

Capillary’s customer engagement solution !nTouch allows companies to create and manage a powerful customer engagement program to delight customers at every step, right from registration to rewards. Capillary’s patent pending cloud + mobile platform helps retailers to increase their business while keeping the operating costs at minimum.


URL: http://www.smsgyan.com

Product Description

SMSGYAN is an innovative and cost effective text-messaging interface that literally delivers knowledge bytes to the user’s fingertips. The young team company was part of MIT’s TR35 list and has bagged clients like Airtel etc. Simple product, and the team has cracked the distribution (+$) part very well.


URL: http://www.interviewstreet.com

From India to getting accepted in Ycombinator programme, Interviewstreet has come a long way and is redefining the hiring process in a very geeky way. Most importantly, you have to applaud the founding team for being super ambitious and open up its Silicon Valley chapter to move to the next level.


URL: http://ww.ayojak.com

A ticketing service, Ayojak was able to crack few mega deals in 2011. The key for them however is to scale up the operations. Fast!


URL: http://www.olacabs.com

Started as a Mumbai based taxi booking service, the team is expanding to different parts of the country and focusing on using technology to scale up the business.



URL: http://www.vaultize.com

One of the very few enterprise-class products build from the ground-up by any Indian startup. Vaultize is an enterprise-product with market across-world competing with Dropbox(s) of the world.


What’s your take on our list? Any name that we missed out on? Please share/recommend.

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