Wishing you a Happy New Year + 5 Powerful Tips to keep up your New Year Resolution

Table of Contents Hide Decide your mode of managing taskSet GoalsSet Incremental/Attainable Goals.Do Not Have More than 5 GoalsIncentivize On behalf of Pluggd.in community,  we wish you a super duper…

On behalf of Pluggd.in community,  we wish you a super duper Happy New Year 2012. 2012

2011 has been a great year for Indian startup ecosystem, but 2012 will clearly be the year that will bring out the men in boys and will surely drive a lot of new business categories. But before we get into (*yawn*) 2012 prediction, lets get back to an important ritual of new year – i.e. new year resolutions.

It’s the time of the year when you come up with new year resolution – sometimes under a peer pressure and sometimes when you really want to make that change. But once things settle in and life gets back to normal (post Jan 3rd?), you still would need to find a mechanism to keep up your new year resolution.

Here are a few tips that will help you (we shared some of these last year too).

Decide your mode of managing task

To those who use smartphones and try out 10 different applications to manage task, decide what do you want to stick to – A diary? or Outlook Task? Or Mail Calendar service? OR an app? The more you use different systems to manage task, the more excuse you are building for not managing tasks.

Set Goals

Resolutions work when they are goal driven. You can ‘get healthy this year’, but ‘20 minutes jogging every day’ is what makes ‘being healthy’ a viable resolution. Do not use statements like ‘I will improve my self-esteem’, instead use ‘I will join ToastMasters Club on January 29th’ (i.e. actionable and measurable).

Set Incremental/Attainable Goals.

Even if you want to quit smoking by 2012, you should set incremental goals (bring down the count to 2 packs/day by February, half by April).

Now take out your expensive diary and write these goals against the dates you have decided.

Though, there are online tools (43Things), but nothing comes closer to writing it down. So Just do it.

Do Not Have More than 5 Goals

Lets accept it. You can’t focus on new year resolutions beyond a certain point. The key to keeping up your new year resolutions is to keep it simple and at the same time, ensure that you aren’t running after too many high impact goals.

Do not go beyond 5 high-impact goals. Ideally, you shouldn’t be running after more than 2 high impacting goals at the same time. Keep it sequential, if possible.


Keep incremental goals and keep incentivizing yourself. It’s like a bribe, just that it works. So once you have brought down the daily cigarette count from 20 to 10, give yourself a bash.

Got more suggestions? Share them in the comment section.

Again, wishing you and your family a happy new year 2012.

– Team Pluggd.in

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