Tech’s 2017 Slide of the Year : You can’t read it and that’s the beauty of it.

Everyone is using the same slide to illustrate the positioning challenge faced by all teams, not just those selling marketing technology.
You can’t really read this slide – and the density is the beauty of it.

This represents the rise of competitive challenges across the board – across industries, across horizontal as well as vertical plays. Everybody is competing with each other and is beautifully presented in this slide.

Product differentiation is getting harder.

The slide of 2017
The slide of 2017

“I started the slide as a labor of love, I wanted to make the point that marketing teams needed technical expertise to make sense of all these great solutions. But these days I see the slide in all kinds of presentations—marketing technology pitches, of course, but also VCs using it to talk about barriers to entry and the difficulty of differentiating yourself, as you’ve pointed out.” Scott Brinker (creator of this slide) / source

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