21 Most Anticipated tech launches of 2013


21 Most Anticipated tech launches of 2013

Pardon the cliche: its that time of the year. Yes, the time when tech blogs start making lists and speculate like there is no tomorrow. We are doing our bit. Take a look at the most anticipated tech launches of 2013. If we have missed any, don’t forget to leave a comment. In 2013, we will follow these big launches and bring you the latest from the tech world. You can flip through the slideshow below, or read through the post below.

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1. Retina Macbook Air

One of the three major product launches by Apple in 2013 will be the retina display MacBook Air. This is likely to be an incremental update to the existing MacBook air. Apple is already selling the 13 inch MacBook Pro with retina display.

2. Intel Bay Trail T Platform

Chipmaker Intel is expected to launch its Bay Trail – T platform, the successor of Clover Trail. Some reports say that the next generation Atom chips could be out by 2014. The 22 nm processors will run on half the power required by the previous version.

3. Google Touch Chromebook

Earlier reports suggested that the Google branded touch Chromebook will be launched by end of this year. However, it now looks like 2013 will be the year. The 12.85 inch Chrome OS based touch notebook is now being expected in the first quarter of 2013. Initially, Google is expected to ship only 20 million units.

4. Sony PlayStation 4

Depending on which gadget site you look, the Sony Playstation 4 could be launched sometime between mid 2013- end 2013. Its likely that the latest gaming console from Sony will be revealed sometime in mid 2013 and go on sale before Christmas.

5. New Xbox

Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s gaming console, the new XBox will be launched in time for the holiday (US) season in 2013. The Nintendo refreshed its gaming hardware in November this year. More than 70 million Xbox 360 devices have been sold. Rumor has it that the new XBox will be called XBox 720. But that theory has been rubbished by many.

6. Apple iTV

Apple Television, analysts say will be launched in time for Christmas 2013 and will be priced over $1500. Its screen is expected to be 42- 55 inches. The Television is one of the industries Steve Jobs wanted to disrupt badly.

7. Toshiba 4K TV

Toshiba is set to launch three new models 4K televisions in spring 2013. The telly will have 4x the resolution of an HD set sold today. One will be an 84 Inch model while the others will be about 60 inches and 50 inches respectively. Prices have not been announced yet.

8. Google Project Glass

If Google co-founder Sergey Brin has his way, Google’s sci-fi like wearable gadget will launch in 2013. However, ambitious projects like these have a way of stalling. The developer edition Google Glass which costs $1500 is on track for a 2013 release is the latest Google has revealed. The consumer release will take a longer time.

9. Blackberry 10

The BlackBerry 10 phone, a make or break device for its manufacturer Research In Motion is slated for a launch on January 30. RIM has been sending out teasers of the latest phone. RIM is calling it the re-designed, re-engineered, re-invented BlackBerry experience. Time will tell what it really is.

10. Samsung Bends it

The Samsung Galaxy S IV set to release in April 2013 could have unbreakable screen. The development, codenamed “Project J” is working towards an April release. Samsung Galaxy SV will have a bigger display, quad core processor and a 13 Megapixel camera.

11. HTC M7

This phone is rumored to be launching in the first quarter of 2013 ahead of the Samsung Galaxy SIV launch. The phone is likely to have a 5 inch 1080p display, a quad core processor and a 13 Megapixel camera in a unibody Aluminum casing.

12. ZTE Apache Octo-core

Chinese handset maker ZTE is supposedly putting together an 8- core handset targeting a 2013 launch. The device will be the first smartphone to have an 8 core processor if it meets the deadline. Its reported that the phone will have a 13 Megapixel camera with full HD display and 4G connectivity.

13. Microsoft, Amazon Smartphones

Both Microsoft and Amazon have signed deals with device maker Foxconn to manufacture smartphones. Going by the success of Amazon’s e-book readers, the smartphone is likely to pack a punch at an affordable cost. Microsoft will want to take on Google which has already started selling its co-branded Nexus devices.

14. Facebook smartphone

Facebook and HTC are rumored to be working on a smartphone to be launched in 2013. For Facebook, it makes sense to go where their users are. The social networking giant has been trying to make inroads into the mobile users market in a big way. Reports claim that the launch will be likely in mid 2013.

15. Acer’s six new smartphones

Acer, traditionally known as a PC maker is planning to launch 6 new models in the coming year. Most of them will be based on Android and Windows Phone 8 operating systems. Qualcomm’s dual core processors will power the phones.

16. Microsoft’s 3 new Surface devices

Microsoft which recently released its tablet, is likely to start selling three new Surface tablets in 2013. An 8.6 inch Microsoft Surface RT 2, a new Microsoft Surface Pro and a big Surface Book tablet with 14.6 inch screen are rumored to be launched in 2013.

17. Aakash 3

Aakash 3, the successor of “world’s cheapest” tablets are being readied at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. The specifications of the new tablet are not known. Going by the experience with Aakash 1 and Aakash 2, its likely that the third revision may not create much excitement.

18. Microsoft Office 2013 for iOS and Android 2013

This isn’t exactly a gadget but is majorly anticipated in the tech world. Microsoft’s Office suite for Android and iOS is due for March 2013. Office 2013 will be available to businesses sooner than its consumer launch slated for February 2013. For phones, Office 2013 will be available in March. Microsoft calls the reports “inaccurate.” But it appears like a non denial denial.

19. Firefox Operating System

This is not exactly a gadget either but is still related. The project named Boot to Gecko is an open source operating system from computing devices by Mozilla.The HTML5 platform which was renamed as Firefox OS is set for a launch in 2013. The OS is built on open web standards and the OS will allow web apps to access system files.

20. iPhone 5s

As usual, rumors are doing the rounds. The phone is expected to go on sale in Spring 2013. The phone is expected go into production in the first quarter of 2013. There are people disputing this claim. But as it is always the case with Apple, its all very secretive.

21. Fujitsu Lifebook 2013

The Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 is a concept device designed by Prashant Chandra as part of a competition which Fujitsu ran in 2011. The device will have a digital camera, smart-phone and a tablet which can be detached and used individually. A bit like the Asus Pad Phone. But this is just a concept phone and we don’t know if Fujitsu has any intention of making them. Ideally, this shouldn’t really be on this list but we’d like to see it come out in 2013.

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