21 one-time decisions that’ll save you hundreds of hours of your life

21 one-time decisions that’ll save you hundreds of hours of your life:
1. Clothes

Either go full Steve Jobs and wear the same outfit every day.

Or Google “capsule wardrobe” and put together a minimalist wardrobe.

Either way, reduce the decision-making involved in getting dressed.

2. Meals

People spend 1+ hrs/day sourcing and preparing meals.

Save time with:

• Grocery delivery
• Full-meal delivery
• Bulk cooking on Sunday
• Meal replacement shakes
• Eating the same meals every day

Feed your purpose, not feelings.

3. Healthy Snacks

People are the worst version of themselves when they’re hungry.

Trust me: I use to wait tables in my early 20s.

We’re mean to people we love and we make poor decisions.

Stock your home, office, and car with healthy snacks.

4. Deep Work

Find out your peak state of energy (morning for most).

Time block 2-4 hours during that time for Maker’s Time.

Show up at the same time—day by day, week by week.

Do this for a few years,

You’ll never worry about money again.

5. Study & Work Music

Selecting songs mid-work destroys your focus.

Instead, use a pre-made playlist. Loop it.

(Hat tip to Michael Lewis)

The songs should be familiar, non-distracting.

Remember: the aim is flow.

The best song for productivity is the one you never hear.

6. Finances

Automate your bill payments and investments.

“I Will Teach You to Be Rich” is the best personal money system by far (@rhamit).


• Eliminate late fees
• Save money before you ever see it
• Reclaim time wasted on manual pay

7. Alcohol <1

You went to the gym and ate clean all week.

The fastest way to erode those gains?

A reckless night of drinking.

Make the single decision:

Limit alcohol intake to 1.

Club soda the rest of the night.

8. No Porn

Avoid it.

You’ll lose time, energy, and your edge.

You already know this.


9. No Netflix

You could be living your dreams, but instead, you decide to live someone else’s.

TV is passive; reading is active.

TV shuts off your brain; reading turns on your imagination.

Your mind deserves better than Netflix.

Cancel your subscription, and thank me later.

10. Quality > Quantity

If you can’t choose between two items, then choose the one of higher quality.

Furniture, clothes, food, etc.

You can’t afford to buy cheap stuff.

11. Airline & Hotel

Pick a hotel and airline that you like.

When possible, always use ‘em.

Your loyalty will be rewarded with:

• Perks
• Upgrades
• Experiences
• Free rooms/flights

This is free money.

12. Operating System

Apple, Windows, or another?

Whatever. I don’t care.

Pick a single ecosystem (mobile, desktop, tablet, smartwatch, etc.)

You’ll learn OS-specific shortcuts.

Your tools + life will sync better.

13. Everyday Colors

People love consistent brands.

Create a personal brand.

Pick 2-3 colors.

Always purchase items within those colors.

Notebooks, water bottles, phone cases, etc.

You will look expensive.

14. Call Friends & Family

For your inner circle, set a recurring calendar series.

You can always opt out if you need to,

The chances are you’ll stick with the status quo:

Calling your people.

15. Laundry

Pick a day of the week to do laundry (or bi-weekly).

Consider outsourcing to a clean and fold service

Or run the risk of wearing those argyle socks.

16. Personal Inventory Management

Figure out your burn rate.

You go through razors monthly?

Cool, subscribe to them on Amazon.

Ditto for other personal care items, pens, batteries, etc.

Never waste time running out to the store for a single item.

17. Home Cleaning

Signs of chaos beget more chaos.

Establish a set time to clean (daily/weekly).

Or outsource to a cleaning service.

Psychology says, purchases that save us time make us happy.

18. Dentist

Experts recommend seeing your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning.

Make a one-time decision:

Set up a recurring appointment.

Intelligent people do this

That’s why it’s hard to get appointments on short notice.

19. News

Avoid mainstream media.

Consider batching news consumption on a weekly basis.

I like the Economist.

Also, try Morning Brew—a daily newsletter that’s rationally optimistic.

You’re allowed to NOT have your attention monetized.

20. Make ‘No’ Your Default

Whether it’s new work projects or social gatherings.

Saying ‘Yes’ to things you don’t have time for leads to unnecessary future decisions.

In the words of Mark Manson,

If it’s not a ‘fuck yes,’

It’s a no.

21. Any Decision

Always ask whether you can make it a one-time decision

When automating your decisions, consider this:

“When you live your life on principle, 99% of your decisions are already made.”

TL;DR Decisions to Streamline

Healthy Snacks
Study Music
Time for Deep Work
No Porn
No Netflix
Airline & Hotel
Everyday Colors
Calling Your Tribe
Personal Inventory
Make ‘No’ Default
Every Future Decision

This thread is NOT about becoming a robot.

It IS about eliminating decisions that you don’t care about.

So you can focus on those that you do.

With this newfound time, maybe you’ll:

• Deepen your relationships
• Get in the best shape of your life
• Start a side hustle

Commit to just a few of these time-savers,

And rapidly transform your life.

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