WordPress 2.7

Wordpress 2.7 is finally released and here are some features that I found so damn interesting:

  • One-click plugin installs (no more FTPing files) – How about doing the same with themes as well?
  • Turbo – i.e. implementation of Google Gears
  • Shortcut menus – shortcuts menu in the header near the blog title allows one-click access to frequently used screens such as Add New post and Comments.
  • Drag and Drop features on Dashboard as well as New Post screens.
  • Plugin Inspirations (one could have achieved the same functionality via plugins)

  • Sticky posts
  • Reply to comments from admin interface
  • WordPress Upgrader (automated)
  • Comment threading
  • Comment paging

Should I upgrade or wait for few days?
Well, 2.7 has been tested with wordpress.com (hosts 5 million blogs) and be assured that this is one release that you better jump onto.

Congratulations to WP team – it’s amazing to see how one can simplify the art of CMS and make life easy for bloggers.
No wonder WP’s tagline is ‘Code is Poetry’.

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