2700 people watch a 24 year old from Agra commit suicide live on Facebook : None raised an alarm!

24 yar old Munna Kumar, a BSc graduate from Agra committed suicide and live streamed it on Facebook, but out of more than 2700 people viewing it, none of them raised an alarm, either to police or nrar and dear ones of the deceased.
In his six page suicide note, Munna mentions his failure to join Army and the resulting disappointment as the reason.
He first shared his one minute long video of suicide note and after a pause of 15 minutes, went on live to commit suicide.
The livestream went on for 37 minutes, and yet no one tried to help the person.
Probably between his 15 minutes intermission of posting his suicide note and the very act going live, all he wanted was for someone to say, it’s ok, not over yet!

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