$2bn Public Private Partnership for Rural Internet in India- Why not Free Lunch?

The Indian govt. has announced a $2bn public private partnership to provide broadband and Internet connectivity in country’s rural areas.

Union Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia, speaking at Global Telecom Summit , said that $1.5 billion for the project would be generated from the private sector and the balance would be funded from government sources.

The minister also announced 112,000 broadband centres would be set up in rural areas across the country, within a year.  The govt. will also have a policy for Wi-Max to improve the broadband connectivity.

And 3G service is on the card as well.

Now may I request you to stop gaping?

2007 was supposed to be the broadband year and we all know the state of broadband penetration as well as WiFi/WiMax penetration in India.

Yes Mr. Scindia, we will have 112K broadband centres and glad that you didn’t announce free beer & lunch at the broadband centers.

Well folks, it’s election time and get ready for such cheap talks!

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