3 reasons techies can make good business leaders [Sponsored]


3 reasons techies can make good business leaders [Sponsored]

We can’t take a topic of techies being leaders and not mention Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry and Sergy, Steve Jobs etc. having created some of the largest companies in the world. Closer to home, we see Narayan Murthy, and the emergent E-commerce leaders as great examples.

– Global perspective: Technology is a great leveller and helps people think at global scale. It cuts across boundaries. Lot of business models get imported and some are beginning to get exported as well. Just by the nature of it, techies grow up working in a much more global environment. When they assume leadership positions, they think more globally in terms of work culture, business opportunities, scale etc.

– Collaboration through technology: Collaboration within an organisation is a hard thing to achieve. Historically there just haven’t been enough tools to achieve that efficiently. Technology development on the other hand thrives on collaboration and people are used to interacting through tools, now more social than ever. Tech-focused leaders are able to bring in that kind of collaboration at enterprise levels.

– Growing importance of technology in businesses: Whether is banking, travel, manufacturing or retail, technology is playing an ever increasing part in business, more and more as a strategic tool, not just as an operations tool. Industries are being disrupted and re-invented around technology. This makes techies extra valuable with their depth in technology.

On the pitfall side, techies need to broaden their perspective through increased exposure, thinking more outwards-in vs. inward out to be closer to business. If they can develop these skills, it’s a great combination!

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