3 Reasons why you should not demo @UnPluggd

The nomination deadline for UnPluggd demo slot is June 16th; we thought we’d honestly share with you the reasons to not demo @UnPluggd.

The nomination deadline for UnPluggd demo slot is June 16th; we thought we’d honestly share with you the reasons to not demo @UnPluggd.

So if none of the following apply – don’t even think about it.UnPluggd Logo  1

Reason #1: You do not need funding

Kookoo’s Chaitanya tells us that “UnPluggd got us the right platform to showcase the product. After Unpluggd KooKoo got good traction from the users as well caught the eyes of investors.”

Entrepreneur, Girish (founder of Freshdesk) says the following: “The event generated a lot of investor interest.“

“However, fwiw, you’d definitely become a “known” entity for all Angels/VC’s attending the event. Ashish and team at UnPluggd do a great job of having such people in attendance. Which means you get a golden chance to make an awesome pitch. [Avlesh, WebEngage founder]

Reason #2: You are not hiring/expanding

“Presenting at UnPluggd increased our visibility in the start-up eco-system. Infact, couple of our hires have been readers of Pluggdin who found about us through the blog post regarding UnPluggd” mentions Suruchi Wagh, cofounder of YourNextLeap.

In fact, you should read how Naman got hitched to this startup @UnPluggd!

Reason #3: You do not need visibility/credibility/customers

“Unpluggd gave us more visibility and credibility in the Indian market. It also connected us with the right people in terms of technology investing and mentorship” [Raj Sheth, Recruiterbox]

“Gave us traction amongst the SME’s in India.” [Vivek, Interviewstreet]

“ The Jusbill demo at Unpluggd got us visibility amidst peers, investors and the community. Just that visibility opened up channels for feedback, for communications, for exchange of ideas which in turn lead to making us a better product and a better company.  Unpluggd shall always be part of the Jusbill story and I would strongly advise all startups to make it a part of theirs too!” [Vikram, Jusbill founder]

“One of the biggest problems startups face, is of credibility. Customers/users will always ask you silly questions on why should they use your product. Existing customer references work the best. If you are too early in the game, most likely, you won’t have such references to bank upon. In that case, interest generated through these events, can very well become a part of your sales pitch.” [Avlesh/WebEngage founder]

But for those who do not fall under these categories, here is the link to nomination form (and FAQs here). Those who have already submitted the info will get status update by this weekend.

Deadline is June 16th.

More about UnPluggd

Date: July 7, 2012.
Venue: Brigade Millennium Campus, 7th Phase J.P.Nagar, Bangalore – 560 078.
Contact Details: srikanth@NextBigWhat.com
Ticketing Link : http://www.NextBigWhat.com/unpluggd/block-your-unpluggd-seat/
Agenda will be shared very soon. But be assured of awesomeness!

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