3 Things to Learn From Savita Bhabhi’s Movie Campaign [A/B Testing]

The creator of Savita Bhabhi, Puneet Aggarwal a.k.a Deshmukh, shares secrets to a successful online campaign ahead of the movie’s release in May.

Sometime last week, we wrote about Savita Bhabhi’s screen debut. If you haven’t read already, Savita Bhabhi- The Movie’s release is slated for May 2013. The adult-toon movie based on Savita Bhabhi, the promiscuous Indian housewife, will be live streamed on the Internet. Within 8 days, over 100,000 users signed up for updates about the movies release. That’s without spending any ad money!

It turns out that the creator of Savita Bhabhi, Puneet Aggarwal a.k.a Deshmukh, has taken a very scientific approach to the whole campaign leading up to the release. Here are some interesting insights from the campaign he shared with NextBigWhat:

1. Optimize, experiment & zero in: “Something that has really worked for us has been optimization,” says Deshmukh. The team started by running the SavitaBhabhiMovie.com homepage with seven different variations to test out background images, the call to action text and the actual button text. “Our worst variation got us a 27% email submission rate while our best one got us 50%. No marks for guessing the one which is on our site right now,” he said.

The variation that performed worst
The variation that performed worst

2. Try new positions: The first version of the movie’s homepage had Savita’s eyes looking at the reader. However, based on an experts suggestion, they had her look in the direction of the email box instead. “The idea being that the viewers eye would follow hers to the “goal,” says Deshmukh. Apparently, it worked with the new homepage getting them 3% more signups than the old one!

The variation that performed best
The variation that performed best

3. Track your metrics & Glean insights: Deshmukh keeps a close watch on the traffic that comes to his site. It helps the team figure out what works best and what doesn’t. For Deshmukh’s site, Google was the source of traffic with highest bounce rate followed by Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo.

Yahoo => 25% bounce rate

Wikipedia => 29% bounce rate

Facebook => 39% bounce rate

Google => 44% bounce rate

Insights gleaned from the kind of users that land up on your sight will help them deliver content in the best possible manner. It helps them optimize even more. The most used mobile device is Nokia 5233, followed by Apple iPhone and Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y. Viral links work the best through Facebook (2x visits than over links sent via email).

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