30% Of Android Switchers Turned To Apple This Quarter

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30% Of Android Switchers Turned To Apple This Quarter

30 percent of iPhone buyers switched from Android to iOS during the fourth quarter, making it the highest ratio of ‘switchers’ Apple has ever recorded in a single three-month period, reveals Tim Cook at Apple’s quarterly conference on Tuesday.

Cook further stated that that the 30 percent applies to customers who upgraded from an Android device, not first-time buyers.“The switch rate was the largest recorded since Apple began tracking such statistics around three years ago,” said Cook.

The new growth in iPhone migrations comes after Apple recently launched a trade program in March targeted at non-iOS users. The migration tool went live in the Android App Store last month, just as the new iPhone 6s were hitting the markets.

For the fourth quarter, Apple sold a record 48 million iPhones— a 22 percent year-over-year boost along with a 120 percent increase in Chinese sales.


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  1. Wolfsmead

    title is misleading. 30% of iPhone buyers were android users and not 30% of android switchers went for iPhone. The question then is what did the remaining 70% pick? Nonetheless very good post content wise. Thanks.

  2. WOW….
    I addicted in IPhone.
    Nice blog with great info..
    thanks to share this.

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