32 million active Internet users in India?

Another day and another number. As per IAMAI and I-cube, the number of active Internet user (i.e. ones who logon to Internet atleast once a month) is now 32 million and numbers who have used Internet atleast once stands at 46 million.

Earlier report by JuxtConsult (in the month of June ’07) pegged the numbers to be 30 million.

While we wait for Indian government to figure out how to accelerate broadband penetration in India, in my opinion, these numbers just cease to have any value – it really doesn’t matter whether the real number is 46 million or 30 million. If you are an Internet startup, even 10% of this market is a good number to target.

What’s important is

  • Repeat visitors – are your site visitors coming back?
  • Page views per user – is your product compelling enough that your users are exploring the site (very true for content site, not at all true for search sites)?
  • Distribution – what are the other ways you are distributing your app? A mobile client? A widget? Partnerships?

What are the other criterias you think are important for a successful Internet venture in India?

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