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Top Articles for week ending January 23rd, 2011.

The $35 Tablet Project Hits a Roadblock – Tender Cancelled

The tender for the project has been cancelled, as HCL Infosytems (which got the contract) failed to deposit INR 60 Crore (for bank guarantee). This impacts the launch date, which was supposedly in the month of January, 2011.

Apparently somebody has claimed the listing on Alexa and added a little sales stuff about themselves.

Pan India MNP Goes Live – Now Get Coffee for Service Delays

Pan India MNP (Mobile Number Portability) will be rolled out today –  and while operators have been marketing their offering aggressively, MNP will surely put a pressure on telecom operators to improve their QoS (Quality of Service).

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Are Indian VCs Hedging Their E-commerce Risk?

Something strange is happening in Indian e-commerce space – suddenly there is a flow of fund (few announced, quite a few not announced). Funded startups are moving away from niche play to the same-old generic play (i.e. you can buy anything).

A Year of Entrepreneurial Journey – From a Founder’s Diary [Inspiring]

Many of you think, why I stick with certain things and be so adamant about. When I started my business exactly a year ago no one knew, whether I would win or lose. Neither did I. Others felt that I’m overconfident, inexperienced to build a business; but as a matter of fact, all I have is hope which others never understood or never tried to understand.



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