Travel Enthusiasts Will Love This: 36hrs, A Personalized Pinboard of Travel Experiences

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Travel Enthusiasts Will Love This: 36hrs, A Personalized Pinboard of Travel Experiences

36hrs is for people who love travelling and explore new places. If you have traveled before to not-so-popular but interesting destinations and wanted to know about what to look out for in these places, then 36hrs can help you.

Creating mini city guides

Basically the writer/publisher gets to have a personal board where all discoveries like interesting places to dine, sightseeing, nightlife and also various itineraries are described in details. More like a personal blog, but organized, you can find various info from a traveler’s point of view. 36hrs is a social travel discovery platform where content publishers can write about their favourite spots in the city. The platform features street level itineraries by travel writers for 16 cities in Asia and South America.


“It is really easy to get crowd sourced recommendations on local businesses around the world through likes of TripAdvisor, however they usually point to the most touristy of spots. It is much harder to get recommendations from your friends, people from your network and people who know the city well- kind of recommendations that you can trust,” Ravijot Chugh who co-founded 36hrs with Jennifer Blumberg said.

Food and travel blogs can also use the platform to communicate with local dealers/people interested in travelling to specific places. Apart from various boards, there is an itinerary section, where you can find suggestions from friends on how to reach the place and move around. There are filters named sightseeing, shopping, luxury etc to help you search easier. For example, if you want to find any romantic spots in the selected place, clicking on the tab will help you identify the required spot in the place that you have searched.

Monetization model

Relying on user-generated content, since the launch last week, around 700 people have signed up in the site. Affiliate revenue through  booking of travel activities is the main source of income for the site. Exclusive offerings and experiences would fetch a decent commission in the travel industry.

Future plans

The “follow” feature is being worked on and the iOS version will be released soon.

“We plan to rope in “tastemakers” – people who know a city well and can offer interesting perspectives such as food and travel bloggers, artists etc, as well as content publishers such as Guardian, NY times, and online guides such as Frommers. We are working on building a custom platform for these publishers to integrate with their content in order to increase the engagement with their readers,” Ravi said.

For 36hrs, sourcing quality content which is not too expensive will be a big hurdle to cross. Getting influencers and writers onboard will also not be easy. Platforms like Indiblogger, have cracked this by running contests that give away great prizes with sponsored partners. Sponsors also see this as an easy way of link building.

Give 36hrs a spin and let us know what you think.

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