You can’t drive past this cross-walk without a jolt? Finally, optical illusion meets speedy traffic

An optical illusion that can make speeding cars slow down a bit? Why not?

3D Crosswalk: You-cant-drive-past-this-cross-walk-without-a-jolt
3D Crosswalk: You-cant-drive-past-this-cross-walk-without-a-jolt
3D crosswalks are coming up as the next novel idea for city planners. Tapping psychology instead of physics to bring some sanity on the roads – well, worth a try.
Drivers see the crossing as something hanging in the air rather than a set of usual-flat white bars. This angle works when a vehicle is approaching the crossing and can make a lot of difference for busy intersections and pedestrian safety.
Several spots in Montreal and Mozambique, for instance, have begun experimenting with this new way to calm down traffic.
If it works, conning the eye would be worth it for sure.

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