IndiaProperty Launches 3D Virtual Property Tour; Is Using Drones For Property Reviews

Online real estate portal, IndiaProperty which last year raised $12mn in Series B has launched 3D Virtual Property Tour.

With this new interactive interface, home buyers can now experience a 360 degree panoramic view of projects. The feature provides a bird’s eye view of the whole project with the availability status that lets you choose the housing unit you would like to explore (example).

IndiaProperty : 3D View
IndiaProperty : 3D View

For the projects that are under construction, the interactive virtual property tour creates a virtual model flat, based on the original floor plan. With the help of the 3D rendition of the floor plan, customers are now able to view every nook and corner of the property.

All you have to do is simply click the play button or drag your mouse onto the compass of the floor plan to a particular room and you can virtually explore a home room by room.

indiaproperty : Virtual Property Tour
indiaproperty : Virtual Property Tour

IndiaProperty mentions that they have so far mapped over 1,500 projects using this feature and are looking to cover over 3,000 more in the next few months. Plus, the company has launched independent video reviews wherein an independent property reviewer visits the site and highlights all the features and amenities provided by the builder (for under construction projects, review videos are conducted every three months to ensure the customers stay updated. ).

The expert reviews the housing project and scrutinizes the quality of construction and records testimonials of residents.

Using drone cameras in the review, the customers are provided with a complete aerial view of the project, its surroundings and approach road.

Some of the other features launched by IndiaProperty Includes:

–  IP Verified Listing: The IP verified listing certifies that the seller information is genuine along with verified original legal documents which are available on request for our assisted search customers.

– Current Status: This feature helps customers document the progress of construction. Every three months, actual images of the building are updated.

– Route videos : This option provides last mile video direction to its customers and guides them towards their desired property location. One simply has to feed their nearest starting point and the video will help you navigate to your destination.

This Is A Big Deal

Given that property portals are throwing pretty much every piece of information one would like to have, it won’t be too long when we start buying homes online. In fact, a high probability that they can potentially disrupt the broker space.

What are your thoughts?

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