3G Adoption Challenges in India [Pluggd.in Poll Result]

India’s 3G adoption is among the worst among the top 30 countries and the overall 3G connections in India stands at 33 million, i.e. 4% of the overall subscriber base.

Last week, we started a poll to understand the reasons for low 3G adoption in India. Given that Pluggd.in has a massive reach among India’s early adopter community, results are of extreme significance to industry stakeholders.

  • 34 % respondents mentioned that it is pointless to have 3G plan as most of time it gives users a 2G like experience.
  • 26 % respondents have pointed out that 3G service is OK only in some parts of town, otherwise its pointless.
  • 26 % respondents believe that 3G works and it is fast!
  • Overall, 74% isn’t so happy with 3G and we believe that the price point of 3G services is also a big deterrent.
3G Adoption Challenges in India
3G Adoption Challenges in India

What are your thoughts? Is 3G a premium service with no promise of service quality? Are operators in a rush to monetize without having the optimized infrastructure in place?

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