3G Auction Delay

The 3G auction date is yo-yoing like the sensex and though the last known date was Jan 15th, Vodafone has requested the delay in spectrum auction due to global financial crisis.

We are informed that many international banks will struggle if a financial commitment is required before the year-end. Therefore, scheduling the auction in early 2009 would avoid this problem and the European and US holiday season – source

Essentially, mobilising the financial commitment is going to be a big deal, so do expect some delay in 3G launch.

The biggest gainer from all this drama is govt. owned BSNL and MTNL – BSNL has already launched pilot 3G service in Pune and is planning nationwide service by December

3G auction schedule

  • November 30: Auction design, bid document to be prepared
  • December 15: Inviting operators to bid
  • December 31: Prequalification of bidders
  • January 15: Auction to be completed
  • January 25: Signing of contracts with successful bidders
  • January 31: Depositing of first tranch of auction money (via)

The dates move on and on – let’s hope this one stays intact.

What’s your take?

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