Indian 3G subscriber Access 3X More Data Than 2G Users. Consume 434 MB Data Per Month

There was an increase of 92% in mobile data traffic generated by 2G and 3G services in India between December 2011 and December 2012, according to a recent study. Out of this 3G services generated one third of the total mobile data consumed.

The study conducted by Nokia Siemens Networks, said that a 3G service subscriber consumes about 434 MB of data at an average per month and 2G service subscribes consume 115 MB per month.

3G Adoption Challenges in India
3G Adoption Challenges in India

Here are some key insights from the NSN Mbit Index India study:

  • Between July and December 2012 3G data growth rate was 3 times that of 2G data growth rate.

  • This sudden change was mainly due to 2G subscribers migrating to 3G services.

  • 3G tariff reduction in mid 2012 caused significant growth in 3G service subscriber base.

  • There was a strong tendency among subscribers in category A circles to access mobile data using smartphones.

  • 45% of mobile data accessed by smartphones come from category A circles.

  • Half the number of category A circle users are still on 2G services.

  • 75% of category B circle users accessed mobile data on 2G services.

  • 3G service usage in category B and C circles are much lower than the national average numbers.

Sandeep Girotra, Head of India region, Nokia Siemens Networks said “The fact that data consumption by 3G users has tripled in one year clearly shows the rapid and steady increase in mobile data consumption in India. This translates into the need for high-quality mobile broadband services with improved speed and service quality to satisfy mobile broadband users.”

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