3G Tussle – GSM Operators Want Spectrum for cheap

In a never ending debate, 3G operators have asked for reducing the spectrum base price from Rs. 4,040 crores to 1,000 crore.

The contention is a result of  WiMAX spectrum pricing, suggested by DoT at Rs. 1,010 crores.

“Why should 3G base price be four times that of WiMax? Both technologies are similar and are capable of offering same services. There is no rationale to believe that only WiMax is capable of offering high-speed broadband in rural areas. In fact, 3G has a better case for offering broadband in rural areas. The Government should not subsidise one technology alone. So if Wi-Max base price is at Rs 1,010 crore, then 3G should also be at the same price” – source

3G vs, BWA is an interesting debate and as we mentioned earlier, WiMAX in India can even outnumber 3G subscription by 2014.

What’s your opinion?

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