More Than Half Of India’s 3G Network Users Suffer from Video Buffering Issues

BufferingMore than half of 3G customers on India’s mobile networks suffer from significant stalling and re-buffering during video streaming on their device causing a dip in demand for video content, according to a recent study.

Overall, 83% of 3G customers experience at least some stalling while accessing  video content on their mobile and 40% of all video streams ran at bitrates of less than 300 kbps, which is considered a very low speed for video streaming. Typically autoplay videos within apps like Vine and Instagram use a higher bitrate of around 900-1300 kbps, the study by Opera’s Skyfire said.

“Significant stalling” is defined as a video that stalls or buffers more than 10% of its overall playback time. India’s 2G networks performed even worse for customers streaming video content, over 99% of users experienced at least some stalling.

According to Cisco’s 2013 Visual Networking Index, mobile data traffic in India is estimated to reach 900 petabytes per month by 2017, and 60% of that data coming from video content access on mobile devices.

Indian mobile service providers, however, have been investing to improve their 3G network coverage. The 4th Generation LTE connections are also expected to see faster roll out in the coming months.

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Image Credit: Shutterstock