These 4 Charts Depict India’s Funding Trend [H1 2014]

Indian startups are on a fund raising spree and the fund that tops the most active institutional investor list includes followed by Saif, Helion , Blume & NVP.

A total of 132 deals totaling INR 6690 CR was pumped in H1 2014 startup ecosystem*.

Angels Are On A Rise

Angel + Seed Investment deals are more than Series A and Series B. This is definitely a good news, but will this lead to Series A crunch?From what investors keep saying – there is a crunch of Series A fundable startups as well. It’s a chicken and egg situation, maybe?

Funding Rounds : Angels Are On Rise
Funding Rounds : Angels Are On Rise

 City wise data

– Bangalore is seeing the most Series B rounds, followed by NCR region and Mumbai.

– Mumbai and NCR have witnessed more Series A round than others. Which also translates to more Series B in the coming months.

Funding Citywise

– As far as sectors are concerned, Enterprise startups are mostly favored in Bangalore circle. NCR takes the cake when it comes to ecommerce.

– Mumbai and NCR leads in Internet startup funding.

City And Categories

Industry And Funding Trends

Finally, education is making a comeback.

Growing Industry Funding Trends
Growing Industry Funding Trends

Sector Wise Funding Details

sector wise funding H1

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