The 4 Stages of 0->1 Products

Successful 0->1 products—ones that create valuable new intents for people at scale—don’t arrive into the world fully-formed. Here are typical stages that they go through.

Stage 1: Define your People Outcomes
What should be different about a target audience’s behavior, understanding or sentiment if your proposed product is wildly successful

Stage 2: get Product-Market Fit

The key in this phase is to define good hypotheses and get to conclusive results on those hypotheses as quickly as possible.

Stage 3: Reconciliation

It’s important that new products increase the overall size of the pie, not just make your slice of the pie larger.

Stage 4: Growth

Who do you think are the next 1,000 users of your product? Who are the people who you think could benefit from the product but aren’t using it today?