4 Superpowers For Your Brain To Be A Successful Leader

4 Superpowers For Your Brain To Be A Successful Leader
4 Superpowers For Your Brain To Be A Successful Leader

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A healthy brain is

A healthy brain is a prerequisite for becoming a successful leader. Interest in applying neuroscience to business has been mounting up for decades. Mental resilience is the key factor that differentiates you from the crowd.

To become a successful leader with acceptable mental flexibility, it is vital to develop these four superpowers of your brain:

  • Neuroplasticity
  • Brain Agility
  • Mindset Matters
  • Simplicity

1. Neuroplasticity“Everything you have

1. Neuroplasticity

“Everything you have experienced in your life has moulded and shaped your brain to favour certain behaviours and habits,” says Tara Swart. But, it is futile to expect that those behaviours and habits would be the most ideal ones. By practising new habits, behaviours and learning new things, leaders can create new pathways, and their minds become flexible.

2. Brain agilityTo become

2. Brain agility

To become a leader, your brain must be agile. It must possess the capability to switch effortlessly amongst different types of thinking-from logical to intuitive to creative. When you think nimbly, your brain can analyse a problem from different angles and chase down a solution for it.

3. Mindset masteryA leader

3. Mindset mastery

A leader needs to possess a “growth mindset”, which symbolises innovation and progress. “Fixed mindset” leads to stagnation and loss of self-confidence. Neuroplasticity is a great way to become inclined towards a “growth mindset” from a “fixed mindset”.

4. SimplicityA hyperactive world

4. Simplicity

A hyperactive world places impossible demands on limited brains. Inability to perform causes stress. Mindfulness is the only way to save yourself from unnecessary stress. Connect with your body, focus on your thoughts and breathing. Make efforts to simplify your life, and this will reduce your stress.