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Masters of Scale – Reid Hoffman: Open or closed? The answer is both – Joi Ito

No organization that’s entirely closed – or entirely open – can scale as successfully as an organization that combines both. Yes, organizations that are open invite a bit of chaos – but that chaos breeds innovation. Knowing which aspects of your organization should be open and which should be closed will set you on a path to rapid scale.

No one knows this better than Joi Ito. He has spent his career championing radically open systems, from Creative Commons to cyber currency. Now as Director of the famed MIT Media Lab, he’s focused on facilitating open conversations so we can keep pace with the shifting challenges we face in our companies, institutions, and societies. 

Accelerate learning

Balancing openness and closed systems can lead to innovation and rapid growth. Knowing which aspects should be open and closed is key. Joi Ito’s success in bringing openness to previously closed organizations highlights the potential benefits of this approach.

Collaborations and open networks can accelerate learning, but strategic business skills are crucial to making the most of opportunities.

The two pillars of business success

Capital and execution are important for business success, and understanding how to harness the power of closed corporate systems can be beneficial. However, navigating online communities can be tricky, and sometimes it’s necessary to adjust strategies to deal with issues like trolling.

Open platforms foster innovation, but can attract trolls.

Embracing openness

Embracing openness can lead to surprising and effective results. Despite their perceived chaos, open systems often have a hidden structure that can harness the power of collective effort. In today’s age, it’s important to keep an open mind towards both open and closed systems.

Open systems are great for generating ideas, and closed systems are great for rapid scaling.

Radical openness

Joi Ito’s philosophy of radical openness has transformed the MIT Media Lab by connecting it to the world and tapping into a wealth of ideas.

Breaking from closed organizations can provide innovation and growth opportunities.

Collaboration and intentional efforts are crucial for finding the right balance between open and closed systems. Institutions should embrace radical innovation and disruption to stay ahead of shifting challenges and promote justice.

I dropped out of college three times. Well, actually, I dropped out of college twice and a doctoral PhD program once. It felt like there was more I could learn online than I could in an academic program.

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