Masters of Scale – Reid Hoffman: Apple’s Angela Ahrendts – How to unite a team (Part 2) Podcast Summary

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Masters of Scale – Reid Hoffman: Apple’s Angela Ahrendts – How to unite a team (Part 2)

In Part 2, Angela arrives at Apple, which feels like another planet after her years in fashion.

In never-before heard stories, Angela shares how she learned the language of tech (the physical store is the ‘hardware’; the experience inside the ‘software’), then introduces innovations that change the face of Apple retail, from an app (The Loop) that let store managers collaborate to the landmark “Today at Apple” program, building community through free classes inside each Apple store.

Throughout, Angela shows her team, through words and actions, that each person matters, and that they’re all a part of something much bigger than themselves. 

Building trust

The foundation of great relationships is building trust through human-to-human connection. Creating personal connections with team members through clear communication and understanding their strengths can lead to a strong team that feels valued and ultimately benefits the entire organization.

In a large organization with diverse teams, effective communication and trust-building are essential for success. Emphasizing individual strengths and a shared sense of purpose can help unite and motivate the team towards a common goal.

Clear communication

Clear communication and human-to-human contact are essential for creating cohesion and purpose within teams. Empowering employees to solve problems and learning the language of tech can also enhance organizational success.

Making a positive impact

Every company has a responsibility to make a positive impact on society using its resources.

Maintaining effective communication and personal interactions through face-to-face meetings, team retreats, and company events is crucial to building a sense of belonging and unity within any team, regardless of its size or location.

The right moves

Working together towards a meaningful project can strengthen family or team bonds, teach the importance of hard work and team-building, and create a sense of investment in the outcome.

Balancing analytical and intuitive skills is essential for successful leadership. Embracing intuition can lead to effective decision-making, and empowering children to unlock their instincts can lead to greater success in the future.

The importance of personal connections in a global company.

Apple’s global nature makes it essential to establish a sense of connection and unity within its teams. Angela Ahrendts emphasizes the importance of personal interactions, such as all-hands meetings, team retreats, and company picnics, and encourages team members to be human.

Eric Trigg, a rancher, and his family had to find ways to keep their ranch operating successfully despite being spread out across the country. They came up with a mission statement to rally around and held face-to-face meetings to maintain their connection to the land and each other.

Effective communication and personal interactions are crucial to building a sense of belonging and unity within any team, regardless of its size or location.

I used to talk about how the architecture was the hardware, and the experience that took place inside was the software. So basically, what was the OS of the store? And we didn’t have one.

The tenure of Apple employees, specifically management, is strong. I mean over five years. I think that they were longing to take on something else, right? We would then get together 1,500 of these senior leaders across the world. And I would stand on stage and talk to them and then we’d interact: What does this mean and how are we going to do it? 

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