Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman – Land O’Lakes’ Beth Ford: Focus on the scale that your customers can’t see Podcast Summary

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Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman – Land O’Lakes’ Beth Ford: Focus on the scale that your customers can’t see

Too often, companies only focus on the type of scale that’s visible: massive campuses, thousands of workers, offices around the globe. But as Land O’Lakes proves, there are less conspicuous ways to scale—ways that provide your business with structural integrity. This is something CEO Beth Ford knows well.

Lessons from titanic’s collision with an iceberg

The Titanic’s collision with an iceberg was due to the clear conditions of visibility that created a slight haze on the horizon. It delayed their detection of the iceberg, proving fatal. Despite being the largest moving object made by man, the Titanic was no match against the immense power of nature that the iceberg possessed.

The iceberg was several times larger beneath the water’s surface than what met the eye above the water. Similarly, businesses should not only focus on visible growth but also scale beneath the surface to develop structural integrity that helps them stay afloat. Horizontal or vertical scaling is not a hard rule, and businesses should think broadly to beat the competition.

The best way to scale is to have a very clear vision of what you want to achieve and then align your resources and your people around that vision

The most important thing for any entrepreneur is to be able to adapt and pivot quickly when things don’t go as planned.

The importance of strategic growth for business stability and success

Strategic growth is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and stable. Leaders should use all available resources and think broadly to expand their businesses through both B2B and B2C components for maximum impact.

As an example, Beth Ford has strategically grown the company through both B2B and B2C components, often far beneath the surface of what the average customer knows. Beth’s talent for thinking broadly and noticing more than meets the eye was shaped by her upbringing, which taught her the importance of utilizing the resources she has been given. She discovered her passion for businesses that touch people and make things, which led her to manage supply chains for various scale businesses.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Access to reliable internet is crucial for sustainable entrepreneurship, and digital inclusion initiatives such as free Wi-Fi locations in parking lots can provide better internet access for rural communities like farmers, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Scaling strategically is essential for survival and protecting our ecosystem.

We have to be very intentional about how we invest in our communities, especially in rural areas where broadband access is still a challenge.

Reid Hoffman

When it comes to growing your business, don’t be afraid to be the iceberg. Scaling beneath the surface gives you ballast to help keep you afloat.

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