44% Women In India Play Mobile Games For More Than 1 Hour Daily [Report]

GamesBond, a gaming marketplace recently conducted a survey to understand the consumer behavior of women towards gaming in India.

Consumption patterns, time spent playing mobile games, propensity to pay for games and device used to play mobile games were some of the key insights. With a surge in the number of gamers, the mobile gaming industry in India has seen tremendous growth from 131 million in 2014 to 150 million.

Info 1

  • 2/3rd women gamers have sub Rs. 10000 phones and 60% have storage capacity (SD card) of less than 8 GB

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  • Women are power gamers with 79% playing mobile games daily compared to 71% for men.
  • 44% women on an average play mobile games for more than an hour daily
  • Consumption of mobile games amongst women is higher compared to men, 33% download more than 5 games a month. Puzzle, strategy and casual games post popular amongst women, action and racing games at the bottom of the pile
  • 45% women discover games through social media platforms and through friends. Same proportion of women gamers rely on traditional and alternate app stores for new games

Info 3

  • 29% women also play games on tablet compared to just 16% for men. Gaming on PC’s and consoles less in number compared to men
  • Women are conservative spenders when it comes to mobile games. 78% women said they spend less than Rs. 100 per month compared to 57% men.

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This survey was conducted across 35 cities, with over 1000 respondents. Respondents are mobile gamers.

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  1. Some great information here. It is true indeed that women mostly discover games through friends and social sites. Good to know about the types of games they download and also the statistics. We can hope that the numbers will only increase in coming days.

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