New portal launches: 47Feeds, HinKhoj, SanskritVoice is a SPA or a Single Page Aggregator or your own Personal News DashBoard which displays the latest news specific to India.

47Feeds pulls the latest RSS feeds from all the major news sites in India. The main purpose of the site is to provide a quick glance on what’s happening without using your desktop/web RSS reader.

Mobile version of 47Feeds is available

In short, 47Feeds is web2.0 version of

HinKhoj aims to provide one-stop place for internet visitors looking for hindi content.
The site is currently offering the following services:

  • Google Search in Hindi: Provides an easy to use interface to type in hindi keywords to be used with google search.
  • Hindi Web Directory: Users can look for various websites with hindi content.
  • YouTube bollywood songs video Aggregator: Provides links for various video songs available on youtube sorted on movie name basis.
  • Hindi-English dictionary: Provides hindi dictionary which currently have some 31000 words in the database.
  • Hindi Keypad API: Provides API which can be used by webpages to take input in hindi.
  • News in Hindi: Currently provides news in hindi using BBC feed.


SanskritVoice is an easy way to learn sanskrit in web2.0 fashion. The portal enables one to:
1. Learn Sanskrit glossary at your leisure via RSS or Email
2. Read & Share articles or resources related to Sanskrit
3. Create a community of Sanskrit lovers, and Campaign the learning of Sanskrit

What’s your take on these portals? Candid feedback please.
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