4Cs of mobile marketing: currency (value), conversation, community and content [Mobile Insights]

[Editorial Notes: This article is in continuation with our previous coverage of MMAF 2011 event. Read the previous coverage: Insights on the Youth Consumer and Mobile Advertising in India. The article is contributed by Aniketh Dsouza]

The last day at the MMAF2011 was kickass with all the great talks on one platform which got the live tweeters on their fingers! Here’s what the round up for those who missed it!

For those looking for the talk by Antti Ohrling, Blyk Media visit my earlier post –  Insights on the Youth Consumer and Mobile Advertising in India

Let’s start with the presentation by Gavin from Coke

Coke’s current number #1 priority is SMS enabled mobile activation. Mobile web will be number #2 priority for Coke only once it (mobile web) crosses 20% penetration of smartphones, and as dataplans become unlimited. Currently, M-payment and M-coupons at vending machines are being used frequently in Japan by Coke.

Apps are number #3 priority for Coke in mobile. The question was – How to use them to create a brand that people love? The code of emotional branding is not yet cracked on mobile apps. But Coke is not giving up the fight to create emotional bonding on apps. They say that there is a long way to go to drive excellence on app platforms for the purpose of emotional bonding. Hence they tried using AR with the Avatar movie launch in Latin America. Coke bottle also became the remote control for the Avatar game.

Their mobile ad spend is less than 1% of their global ad spend. get 3% click-thru rates on mobile banners. “Test and fail, but learn to scale” – is their motto. They also ran a LBS (Location Based) campaign in Australia (this shopping mall has secrets, find them) which was success. Next industry trend. They also seem to be rolling out mobile marketing certification globally and also build up mobile marketing capabilities through a dedicated training program

The next talk went straight into the heart of the telecom sector and was presented by Joseph O’Konek from CSL : Featured City – Hong Kong

The key take away from Joseph O’Konek from CSL were:

  • Media buying is shifting from impressions to expression
  • Young kids when they see TV for first time, will try to touch it, thinking its a touch-screen
  • HK has 186% mobile penetration. But there are still underserved markets in every country
  • In Africa more people have access to mobile phones than to clean drinking water
  • Mobile broadband penetration in Asia Pacific is only 7,1%
  • If you were born before 1980 you are a “digital immigrant” not a “digital native.”
  • The way to reach everyone is SMS
  • Trends to watch: continuing growth of software-defined radio (mobile + Bluetooth + InfraRed etc)
  • Our industry thinks of itself like a monopoly. Industry today has 1% blocking which means for 60M customers, 600,000 are upset
  • Telco industry does not think like marketeers
  • No one in our industry has done enough to think like customers
  • Diaspora strategy, great for Asia. We think of our market not just as Cantonese speakers in HK but globally
  • CSL offers its customers service plans built around “multi-user, muti-service, multi-device”
  • The challenge is to market to customers with a phone, table & pc in great manner
  • We as cellcos need you as marketers to help us understand marketing and customers
  • Urges audience to look not just at Japan but also HK for thought leadership in mobile marketing
  • CSL in Hong Kong by 2015 the data consumed in 1 day will be same as consumed in 1 month today (2010)

Presenter: SunYoung Lee of Isobar Korea on “The Cornerstone to Mobile Engagement”

The key take away from SunYoung Lee of Isobar were:

  • Help consumers create time, not just find time.
  • It does not matter how many devices consumers have, focus on messages
  • Focus on cross-media promotion – one source, multiple devices
  • Mobile is becoming the controller in life
  • Successful consumer engagement = seamless engagement & augmented reality

Consumer expects seamless convergence of multiple media and thus Lee coined a new term: “war of the end-screens”. Mobile mash-up services actually trigger the emotion of mobile consumer. It (Mobile) is becoming the controller in life, and is increasingly being used to control devices like car or household devices in Korea. In Korea, its normal to use mobile to control home electronics like lighting and heat. Japan and Korea are different, but similar, when it comes to usage of Mobile. He also cited that Successful consumer engagement = seamless engagement & augmented reality

He further presented the Elle magazine case study

Elle was afraid to become irrelevant in digital age, Thus Isobar built a digital platform. Now, Elle is on 4 medias: web, mobile, TV and print. Their motto of cross-media promotion is one source, multiple devices. When readers of Elle see items they like, they use QR codes to get more info (or purchase) via mobile. Elle AtZine in Korea is a cross-media platform that distributes content over internet, mobile, television and print. This type of engagement is bound to be a seamless experience and thus he reaffirms communication should be cross analog + digital worlds.

Use of Augmented Reality

AR is not about technology but about maximising the consumer engagement. The AR Chevrolet campaign case study – try to catch AR Chevy on phone, and get coupon at partner like McDonalds. In worked well in Korea and Japan as the Mobile communication quality is excellent and use of AR and LBS are quite common.

Sunyoung Lee Isobar spoke about making a difference in consumer life – is the customer happier in digital world?  Are technologies making us lonely and less happy? Then, Family digital Hubs can help!

Isobar created idle screen for TV – ‘family board’ to make people more happy by converging mobile & TV so as to bring the family together. Here’s how it works. Home TV screen can be converted into a “family board” with a mobile app. The ‘family board’ includes pictures to share, family album,  but is synchronised using an app on the mobile phone, thus creating a synchronized TV Channel. Isobar’s sample of a “digital romantic moment” turn TV screen into an aquarium, feed the fish with mobile, Mood TV, show what the sky looks like at night, ie stars above you etc.

The Family Hub from Isobar is something that brings people closer, together and which merges mobile and television. And will be commercialised within a year.

Presenter: Sinem Soydar of Turkcell: How to integrate mobile marketing into the carrier business

  • 31% of Turkey mobile subscribers have 3G out of 19.4 Million total 3G users.
  • Turkey has 74 M population, 84% mobile penetration, 48% Internet penetration
  • Understand corporate customer needs: cut costs, increase sales, improve productivity
  • Turkish people ‘feel’with their ears so its important to use voice services for mobile marketing
  • Turkcell rewards to consumers include airtime and ‘jingle tones’
  • There is no big difference regarding “knowledge” in the world, but how to imagine of localization looks key for Global success
  • More mobile operators are media owners, media planners, armed with rich customer data & have direct access to ad. clients
  • Having a limited media budget? Use mobile – great ROI!

Case Studies & Ideas

  • MMS campaign by Renault to get tickets to auto show. All tickets sold out in 20 minutes. 7% response rate
  • Renault, Flo Shoes. They offer cross-campaigns and measuring/reporting to clients. An (opt in) campaign: sent out 500K SMS, 400K MMS. result 160K responses
  • Turkcell famous Ringback Tone ad campaign, similar to radio advertising, won awards
  • Offers sponsored mobile content packages about Ramandan, Finances, Women&life and so many others
  • Pepsi uses MMS with embedded video to engage consumers and runs mobile-based campaign through Turkcell – and recieves 75% participation rate of tv-supported campaigns.
  • Pepsi campaign TV actor invited users to send codes under Pepsi lids, get free airtime and actor messages. Pepsi’s spring campaign in Turkey was run exclusively through mobile, using SMS, RBT. Codes were on lids and the video included an awesome Turkish music! Pepsi ringback was given to all who used it. Each ad reached 4 more consumers. Achieved 4M opti-in database for Pepsi.

Presenter: Jason Chiu of Cherrypicks shows award-winner campaign for HKTDC 720 Marketing Innovations

  • 720 degrees = 2 X 360 degrees! All carriers, all platforms
  • Offers a unified rate card for all Hong Kong Operators for permission based marketing. Common ad rate card across operators suggests a highly competitive operator space in HK. Good for mobile eco-system development.
  • SMS and MMS still the best channels to reach mobile consumers
  • Specific segment based targeting (demographic, location, travel pattern) is essential for campaign success

Case Studies & Ideas

  • Get access to conference free of charge in exchange to customer phone data
  • HK Trade Devt Council campaign targeted visitors from 31 countries to Hong Kong via airport
  • Mobile site for HKTDC – with tracking for advertisers + coupons for international visitors
  • HK Trade Devt Council campaign achieved savings of 64% in visitor acquisition costs!
  • AR app – putting necklaces, rings, bangles, watches! Also change eye colour and hair colour
  • HK Trade Devt Council campaign used AR for eyeglasses conference with virtual 3D glasses trials
  • Augmented reality done in reverse with a mirror and face recognition technology.

Panel: 4 – The Agencies: Euro RSCG; Possible Worldwide; Qais Consulting; Starcom MediaVest Group

  • Mobile marketing should go beyond one-way and interruptive mode
  • Mobile marketing/ads today are like the “wrong numbers” of the early landline era
  • Simple, meaningful, realtime: success to mobile marketing campaigns
  • 4Cs of mobile marketing: currency (value), conversation, community, content
  • Adblock options for customers – Cautions, that in future consumers will have more tech choices to tune out advertising
  • Ultimate opt-in and opt-out is not in the channel but in the heart!
  • Digital folks will ask for the formula to get “opt-in from the heart”. But it’s an abstract, emotion-driven strategy,not maths.
  • When technology becomes invisible it becomes relevant. True for mobile marketing as well
  • Content is a continuous service. Start/pause/resume should not disrupt brand experience
  • Devices are aware of a lot about what we do. Need to translate “awareness” into “intelligence” for marketers

Case Studies & Ideas

  • Mitsubishi Outlander campaign – social integration via different platforms and mobiles
  • Target store chain campaign during holiday season. Betty Crocker: iPad app.
  • Betty Crocker mobile app features: Smart search, better browse, detail dive, save your faves. Navigate with knuckles!

Presenter: Rachel Ooi from Ericsson: Japan

  • Mobile consumer segments: fun achievers, family safe keepers, principled professionals, modern Jurassics, self developers
  • Focus :  SoLoMo = Social + Local + Mobile
  • Focus on multi-screen engagement. Need collaboration across ecosystem
  • Ericsson shows 7 segments ‘family *& fun’, ‘family safe keeper’, ‘principled professional’ etc

Presenter: Christian Cadeo of Google mobile Asia : Singapore

  • Mobile Search and Display – Reaching Consumers at Every Stage in the Funnel
  • There is a shift: Mobile Web on smartphones and non-smartphones. Mobile web is exploding on smart and non-smart mobile phones
  • Shift in Asia from SMS to search, mobile web and mobile consumption
  • Google search on mobile grew 5000% in 3 years in Singapore
  • 12% of travel queries in Singapore are coming from mobile, beauty queries are at 14%, restaurant queries are at 17%
  • Google Admob 60B impressions monthly, 1/3 from Asia
  • 20B+ monthly impressions coming from Asia. 5B+ monthly impressions in SouthEast Asia on AdMob
  • Bulk of search in South-East Asia is on non-smart phones

Designing Tip for Mobile

  • When creating a mobile specific site, dont put every info & buttons on it. Be creative
  • When you design for mobile web, design for thumb, not for mouse
  • Leverage uniqueness of the product and work across all platforms

Presenter: Heather Wee from Maxis on Engagement and Usage of Mobile Media : Malaysia

  • Engage with consumers – Keep it simple – Keep it fresh – Incentivise – Tie  with other media
  • Messaging.. Its simple, powerful and smarter!
  • Mobile marketing is about targeted engaging with customers with relevancy
  • Characteristics of successful mobile marketing campaign: Trusted, Personal, Incentivises Consumers, Free for Consumer
  • SMS is trusted. Has to be opt-in and has to be permission based
  • With opt-in SMS, consumers can relate to the brand. It has to be personalized, you don’t get a second chance (to make first impression)
  • All opt-in members get rewards from Maxis for example on – air credits, messages
  • 50% response rates for mobile campaign on opt in SMS base
  • You can embark on your digital strategy and deploy it on mobile messaging


  • Less than 10% of phones in Malaysia are smartphones but more than double annually
  • Smartphone users consume 5x more data than 3G non-smartphone users and 10x more than 2G users
  • Myspace is number 5 visited site by Maxis users
  • Our milestone permission based community in 10 months with Out There Media achieved 2.9M opt in users . (myDeals has 2.9 million users – 1st and largest opt-in mobile community in the region)

Presenter: Joseph Tsang, GM Icon Mobile, China – Award winning North Face Red Flag campaign

  • Case study that resulted in 106% increase in sales, 300% return on investment of campaign generating 15M RMB in new sales (about $2M USD).  All that people had to do was plant a virtual flag across China and all those who did, received a mobile coupon
  • Anytime anywhere, mobile is only device that can engage everywhere at all times
  • The North Place campaign reminds us that location-based mobile campaign is not only just check-ins or 4Square hence this is very innovative.
  • Mobile Media should be integrated with other media, not used alone
  • North Face used an outdoor screen to show LIVE the increasing no. of flags, influencing user behaviour. social + traditional media

Presenter: Chris Schaumann of Nokia on Bought, Earned & Owned media

  • Digital – especially mobile – is the most transparent media
  • More people expected to use the Internet via mobiles than via PC’s in 2014
  • Spent about 10% of the media budget on digital in Asia in 2010
  • Claims to have the biggest opt-in database in APAC with millions of consumers within SMS reach

Views on Social Media

  • Social media is earned media and it requires a lot of work
  • Social media is like the party where brands are not invited – unless you show up with a champagne case
  • You cannot bribe your way into social media.
  • People at parties not looking for marketing messages but…. champagne – respect that

Presenter: Dilip Mistry, Microsoft on Accelerating consumers through the purchase funnel

  • Focus on Multiple screen engagement, avoiding hero worship and be relevant
  • ‘I need to build an app’ is the wrong approach: Microsoft
  • Be relevant: 43% consumers more willing to view informative ad, 53% willing to share location, 81% youth want advertising
  • Query Chain – The time it takes a consumer to begin & complete their search for specific confirmation.
  • The more screens, the higher the brand interaction/conversion. Think multi-screen when designing campaigns
  • The right approach is not to ask which device to market on, rather focus on the consumer and enable all/multiple screens
  • Mobile screen is much seen in the Evening time
  • Web daily use peak is around noon, mobile peak is late evening
  • Brands in the room: don’t get fanatical, deliver consistency across various screens at diff times of day
  • 37% of people who saw avatar ad on mob went to see the film, add pc and console touch points

[Reproduced from Aniketh’s blog]

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