5 Awesome User Engagement Metrics for Growth

“User Engagement impacts profoundly the growth of your business, on multiple levels. If users are getting value then they are going to stay around for longer, (i.e. you will retain them longer)]. And if you can retain each user for longer, you will have more opportunity to generate revenue from each user (meaning a greater LTV, so you can afford a higher CAC ) and more opportunity to have each user refer other new users – all of which leads to growth. Put simply, User Engagement leads to Retention, which leads to Revenue and Referrals, both of which lead to Growth.”

This article focuses on setting up the right metrics to measure user engagement in your product. As rightly said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”.

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  1. Hi Ashish

    Our team at Splash Math uses slack on a daily level. The email load has reduced by almost 50% and the communications have become more manageable. I think slack perfectly fits the bill here.

    On a personal context I would say Facebook and News In Shorts fits here. Facebook keeps innovating in terms of new features like trending news, posts on this day N years back, etc.. to increase engagement. News in shorts has found a 10 minute slot in my daily life filling my ever growing need of consuming information as fast as possible.

  2. Interesting share @udit_sajjanhar . Which product do you think fits the bill here?

    I can clearly think of AWS as one.

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